Como dizer "Ficar com um(a) menino(a)" em inglês

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very interesting point guys, well this is my guess

to date
to flirt
to hook up
to see
to have a steady relationship
to be committed

As previously mentioned by some of you the specific term "ficar" might be a slang, as a matter of fact, a brazilian slang.
However, considering the variety of verbs we have in English we are still tied up to the context. Summing up,

to flirt= flertar

You shall try saying "I'm flirting with Maria" if you guys don't have a steady relationship like "namoro"

once you guys have already decided you both wanna be together and it means no other people involved, you may try saying

"we have a steady relationship"

now let's imagine you are at a party and someone keeps looking at you and you notice that she/he might be interested in hooking up with you (ter algo com você, quem sabe uns beijinhos). You can tell this person "Im sorry I'm committed" (sou comprometido)

a different background..

Your mother suspects you are seeing someone because your always neat and clean and the only thing you do is keep on calling this guy/girl.

she might want to ask you "are you seeing anyone?" "Você está encontrando com alguém?" Aha! Some of you might think no, it means "ficando com alguém" but the thing is, What's the definition of "ficar"? Do you necessarily have to kiss someone in order to do that?

and what about to date?

I've seen many people in the states using the verb to date when they were having a steady relatioship but also an unsteady relatioship.

So as you could see, we still have to be aware about the context ok?

JMO-> in order to get the closest as possible of the meaning "ficar" try on using "to flirt" all right?

Take care,

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Hello Pondé,

Great tips!

Keep posting!

Algumas dicas interessantes abaixo:

Hook up with = ficar

make out with = dar uns "amasso"

To be seeing someone = estar namorando alguém
Apenas para complementar um pouco mais.....quando você sai com alguém e pode rolar algo mais você pode dizer "I HAD A DATE WITH HIM". ALSO "HANG OUT", pode inclusive ser sair com amigos do mesmo sexo apenas no intuito de se divertir.
For instance "WOULD YOU LIKE TO HANG OUT WITH US TONIGHT ?". Falando nisso me lembrei também que no dia seguinte quando você tem uma "ressaca" da noite anterior você tem um "HANGOVER". EX: "I'M WITH A HANGOVER FROM LAST NIGHT".
It's worth recalling also these ones:

to mess arround with -> not only refer to date
to fool arround with