Como dizer "Ficar dura no frio" em inglês

Melissa Biscola 95
Um frio muito gelado faz eu ficar dura e tremo de frio e os meus pés ficam brancos, duros, gelados, que nem picolé.

Como é todo este texto em inglês?

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So, you get cold feet symptoms. With the hands it might get hard to grasp things and make movements (keyboard typing, for example), almost as though the fingers were numb!

One thing doctors advise is "bundle" take out warm clothes from the wardrobe and wear gloves, socks etc.
In some cases it have to do circulation, mainly the extremities that get less oxygen that it should do, but in winter seasons it certainly a normal thing. But sensible clothing also works here!

Ah, in a more terser way - but a bit on the formal side - in cold wheater my toes and fingers usually constrict! In a more slangy way "they get icy/cold".

PPAULO 47895 6 40 850
Another way to express that is: in the winter my fingers contract and stiffen (making it hard to type and grasp things, for instance). They get too stiff to move.
I am referring to the hands, of course.

And now I got curious: why you loved the Forum? Why don´t you love it anymore? :-)

And also:
When the weather is a bit too cold, my body stiffens-up/or my body stiffens from tip to toe.