Como dizer "Ficar encolhido; encolher" em inglês

Fico com a coberta na cama e me encolho para não passar frio.

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I would put my blanket and cringe in order not to get cold
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I get covered in bed and curled up not to suffer the cold.

Curled up ... led_Up.jpg
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It was a chilly night and she kept moving in her sleep, frequently changing position. With that, a gap would open and let cold air in.
It was then all she could do was huddle under the comfort, until it was so cold that she would wake up shivering in the middle of the night " oh my! Brrr..."

(a little foray I am making at short-story creation, he hee. Just kidding around, I made up this one, but just to illustrate the point.)

She dreamt of footsteps on the tower stair, an ominous scraping of leather on stone as a man climbed slowly toward her bedchamber, step by step. All she could do was huddle behind her door and listen, trembling, as he came closer and closer.
Source Chapter Sixty-seven - A Game of Thrones

Nos dois casos, significa "ficar encolhido/se encolher", em duas situações diversas - uma de frio, e na outra, se escondendo encolhido de medo.
Make smaller= encolher


How many of you are sort of making yourselves smaller?
Quantos de vocês estão meio que se encolhendo?