Como dizer "Ficar impune" em inglês

To be let off the hook

And it couldn't come at a more timely moment: with the legislation currently weak, corruption is rife – and those who steal from the public are let off the hook. The Guardian

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Go unpunished

Do The Examiner USA:

''Since then, comics have changed. There are still the classics – Spider-Man, Batman, Flash, Conan, X-Men…but others have come in. There are comics like Preacher, The Dark Knight, The Walking Dead, Thirty Days of Night, Dogwitch, and others that are known for their violence, the possibility of evil triumphing over good, and criminals who go unpunished [criminosos que ficam impunes] or are punished in non-traditional ways that don’t involve any law and order.''
There's an expression I've learned.. "to get away with murder"
It's to escape without being caught, not to be punished for what one has done, etc.

He cheated on me twice, but he could get away with murder. Except for the third time.