Como dizer "fique como se estivesse em sua casa" em inglês

Carls 2 75
make yourself at home = fique como se estivesse em sua casa, fique à votande, esteja à vontade

- Have a seat, please and make yourself at home. (sente-se por favor e fique como se estivesse em sua própria casa)
- Thanks! (Obrigado!)

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Jerry Dorien 4 46
Essa é uma frase que gosto muito de usar:

Be my guest!

Thomas 7 60 290
"Be my guest" is a very nice expression, but it used to encourage people to use or consume something that belongs to us.

Bill, may I use your bathroom?
Be my guest!

Jack, may I look at your books on this table?
Be my guest!

Mary, may I have one of these cookies?
Be my guest!

Sue, do you mind if I give my opinion about something?
Be my guest!

However, if someone visits you at your home, it's nice to say "Make yourself at home." It means, "Sit where you want, take your shoes off if you like, do whatever you would do in your home because this is your home too."

The two meanings are similar, but not the same.

Do not confuse "Be my guest" with "Serve yourself". "Bemy guest" is very polite. "Serve yourself" is not exactly rude or discourteous, but the meaning is "take what you want". The idea is "I will not help you, but you can have whatever you want." Nobody will be offended, but "Be my guest" sounds much nicer.

I've heard a lot of americans using 'Mi casa tu casa' I guess that's become a slang. lol
Thomas 7 60 290
Make yourself comfortable.