Como dizer "Gato malhado" em inglês


Embarrassed owners of Norris, a tabby from Bedminster, Bristol, write to neighbours offering to return items of value. The Guardian

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Worth noticing that it´s, usually, a domestic cat with a brown or grey streak.

The "malhado" word sprang to my head the memory of something "spotted"

Like this ... 00x600.jpg

Or this (hit when I typed "cachorrinho malhado" ) ... 875126/800

So, I found this bigger cat "malhado"

Of course, these latter ones don´t make the usual pet, and many people that tried to have them for a pet, had a pet peeve!

Don´t take me too seriously, this one was just for fun. Sort of.

By the way. I, in my initial ignorance tought, aren´t all cats striped (by extension - tabby)?
Then I tought harder, and had that recollection of black and white cats. ja ja ja, ooopsss! ha ha. ... .%2BRs.jpg ... 5B1%5D.jpg