Como dizer "Gay enrustido" em inglês

Gay enrustido é quem ainda não assumiu sua homossexualidade. Pensei em "closet homossexual" por causa da frase "to come out of the closet". Está correto?

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Yup, closet homossexual would do.
(a) Closeted or in the closet as well.

An straight acting guy or girl/a closet queen (usually used to talk about guys here)
People use this to curse others, so in a mildly or not so mildly way (as in Portuguese as well):

hipócrita, falso - hypocrite
cínico, falso, dissimulado - cynical
introvertido, dissimulado - introvert, withdrawn (as in: a withdrawn nerd...)
escondido, dissimulado, encubado - as the above said (a).

These words have some areas of intersection in meaning (sense).

And more
recalcado (repressed, frustrated) one in crisis with ideological/ethical/ideological loyalties etc. Defending some values or actions, but thinking otherwise inside.

dissimulado - One that is able to supress his/her sensibilities in favor of an opposing worldview, doing that for personal gains from the status-quo.

Must have a one-word definition to (b), but I will leave it to the (more) experts.
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1 a : existing in hidden, dormant, or repressed form but usually capable of being evoked, expressed, or brought to light : existing in posse : not manifest : potential

Latent homosexual is a widely used clinical term.
Closet case

A homosexual who denies their homosexuality, and claims to be heterosexual.

Have you ever noticed the way Craig spends so much time in the locker room, showering, drying and showering all over again? I wonder if he's a closet case. ... loset+case