Como dizer "Haja disposição!" em inglês

Ela tem 92 anos e não perde uma viagem da igreja. Haja disposição!

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PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
She is 92 years old and attends church everyday. Talk about energy/talk about a dynamo!

She is 92 years old and shows up to the trip to the church service every weekend. Ain´t it awesome?
(Notice: if the service is, for example, in a church in another city.)

She is 92 y.o. and doesn´t miss church a single week/day, I wish I had such an energy/stamina!

She is really an example/she really sets an example, it´s not small potato going to every daily/weekly service, don´t you think?

I wish I had the energy/stamina she has; showing up at church every time there´s a service, she is really amazing!/that´s really amazing!

You wouldn´t believe it! she goes regularly to the church every time there´s a service. And she is already 92 years old!

And many other ways.
By the way, it wasn´t clear if the "viagem" meant, going to the church or if the church is somewhere else and she "travels/makes trips" every time there´s a service. Anyway, I think I covered both ways, somehow. Or at least tried.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
It's difficult for anybody to do everything she does at her age, she goes (travels, if it´s in another city) to the church every weekend. Doesn´t give it a miss. And she is in her 90´s!
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"Ela tem 92 anos e não perde uma viagem da igreja. Haja disposição!"

She is 92 years old and doesn't miss a trip to the church.
She's very keen (to go to church).
She's very willing (to go to church).
She has a willingness (to go to church).
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She's 92 years old and doesn't miss any trip the church( a group from the church) organizes, can you imagine such a energy?!

She's already 92 years old and she never misses any trip organized by the church. What a energy!