Como dizer "identificador de chamadas" em inglês

josneywat 6
Call screening

E o bloqueador de chamadas é call barring.

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Breckenfeld 3 15 127
My suggestion:

Call identifier.

josneywat 6
It depends on the country,

there's also

Caller ID

caller identification

calling line identification (CLID)

calling number identification (CNID)

Call screening is the process of evaluating the characteristics of a telephone call before deciding how or whether to answer it.

Some methods may include:

* listening to the message being recorded on an answering machine or voice mail
* checking a caller ID display to see who or where the call is from
* checking the time or date which a call or message was received
* prescreening callers to a request line at a radio station or call-in talk show before they are allowed on the air

In addition, in the US and Canada, Call Screen is the name of a calling feature offered by the telephone companies that allows a customer to establish a list of numbers; anyone calling the customer from those numbers will receive an automatic message indicating that the call is not being accepted. Another name, not usually used for marketing purposes, is "Selective Call Rejection".
Breckenfeld 3 15 127
So one concludes that "call screening" is not "identificador de chamadas".

josneywat 6
No, it happens that in Portuguese it can be understood as such.
josneywat 6
Segundo o meu amigo aqui do trabalho, call screening é agora chamado de 'blindagem de chamada'. O termo, no entanto, ainda é demasiadamente técnico e ainda se usa 'identificador de chamada' de forma geral.
Henry Cunha 3 18 183
"Call blocking" talvez seja o nome mais comum para bloqueador.
josneywat 6
Sorry about it guys. I'm in favour of British English always. "Call barring" is used in European English.