Como dizer "isso é (ou não é) o meu forte" em inglês

Como dizer "isso é (ou não é) o meu forte" em inglês
How do I say "não é meu forte" in English?

Thx Folks,

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Hello there,

Some suggestions:
  • It's not my forte
  • It's not my area/field of expertise
  • It's not my speciality
Hopefully many other suggestions will be coming up soon ;)
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
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Breckenfeld 3 15 127
My suggestion:

It is not my cup of tea.

Gabi 1 1 15
"It's not my cup of tea" is when you talk about something you don't like, in Portuguese that would be like "não é a minha praia".

On the other hand, depending on the context I think it fits "it's not my cup of tea".

My suggestion is: It's not one of my best skills.
Daniel.S 1 2 7
Hi there!

It's not my cup of tea = it's not my thing = não é a minha praia

Para forte (ponto forte, na verdade)

What are your strenghts and weaknesses? (pergunta clássica em entrevista de emprego - boa pergunta para aquele tópico hein Flávia?)

I am fluent in English, I'm a very easy-going person.

Além da sugestão da Gabi podemos dizer:

strong suit ou ainda best suit (como já ouvi algumas vezes)

  • Dancing isn't my strong suit, can we go bowling instead?
  • Fluency in English is my strong suit
  • What is your strongest suit? (boa pergunta para aquele tópico hein Flávia?)
Take care,
Thomas 7 60 289
Great contributions! You will also hear:

to be one's thing
Math is my thing. I love it and I am good at it.

to be what one does best
Serving customers is what we do best.

to be what one does
Jack, you did a great job fixing the computer. Bill, it is what I do.

to be good at something
Everyone should be good at something. I am good at archery.
Strong suit: A quality, activity, or skill in which a person excels:
Foreign policy was the President's strong suit.