Como dizer “já passou da hora” em inglês

Vini Ganz 10
Como dizer “já passou da hora” em inglês?


A) Já passou da hora de você fazer sua tarefa!
B) Acho que já passou da hora de você sair desse computador.
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Leonardo96 3820 9 85
It's time you did your homework.

I think it's time you got off that computer.

In case you're thinking "it's time" is not adding as much emphasis as what you were looking for and not conveying the same idea as "ja passou da hora" but rather just "esta na hora", the verb of the actions (do(the homework), get off) being turned into their past forms is what's playing that role in those sentences. When you say "it's time one did something" it means that it's way past the time they should've done it, not in the sense that their time has expired and now they blew their chance, but just in the context at hand here.

PPAULO 53895 6 42 969
To B) there´s a possibility that a parent (mother or father) use the expression to his teenager child - "time is up" in the sense that playing time is over, it´s time to take the trash out and put a new bag in place (in the garbage can)." It means that his/her time is expired, of course the parent might have set a time limit then.

It works to this situation, though. There others circumstances and other fitting expressions as well.