Como dizer "já tomei meio litro de café" em inglês

Hi Guys!
How can I say "já tomei meio litro de café" in English?
For example:
-Quanto de café você já tomou hoje?
-Já tomei meio litro de café.

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I have already drunk half liter of coffee.
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I have already drank a half bottle of coffee (today/as of now...)

I have drank a half thermos of coffee. (given the question we don´t need to answer with "already", since it´s implicit from the question, same goes to the above answer).

I have finished a half thermos of coffee. (let´s think there was some coffee in the thermos, say almost half of the thermos capacity, give or take some more.)

This comment takes into account your question, but a native from the UK would answer more in terms of cups: I have drunk n cups of coffee.
I used the British way, since I saw there´s some gramaticall disagreement when it comes to the verb "drink" past form, differente forms used in the different sides of the pound.
Plus, if a native from UK would express that "half" thing, they certainly would use "I must have drunk half a litre of coffee" (certainly a Brazilian in the UK, he hee.)
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