Como dizer “Jogador, atacante mignon” em inglês

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Uso invertido: O mignon atacante firmou-se como titular.

Mignon = Pequeno

Atacante mignon: Pint-sized striker

Ex.: Fulham defender Brede Hangeland (6ft 5in) is a big fan of Spurs “pint-sized striker” Jermain Defoe (5ft 7in).
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1 resposta
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Good example Zumsteim. More so, because of the usage to masculine subjects.

I used to see "mignon" referring to women/girls. Definitions where "small and pretty" or "pretty and delicate" which were traits of the fairer sex (meant women).
Indeed, women aren´t no longer the fairer sex, or at least many of them.
Back to the language point, it´s interesting the usage took a turn to the "small" side.