Como dizer "Jogadores relacionados para o jogo" em inglês

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Match day squad
England announce match-day squad to face Wales.
Match day squads will remain limited to 23 players. 11 starters and 12 subs (three goalies).

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They usually refer to "Squad" when it's usually mentioning a national team.
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My two cents:

In the U.S, it's common to say game day instead of match day.

Also, they mostly use the word lineup than squad, even though squad is also accepted, especially for national teams, as Paulo mentioned.
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Actually, I read Zumsteim's posting and answered it on the fly. After rereading it, I get the impression that the headline tack is a bit metaphorical in kind.

I had taken "squad" a bit out of context as if it referred to "match-days squad" (a more permanent thing), when it was specific "match-day squad" (to a specific day, that of the match with the Wales national team.
In this way, "match-day squad" amounts to the lineup.
Their word choice seems of a British (or Indian sportswriter), without seeing the source I would think it was a journalist with the Guardian!
You got it right, Renata, in Ame English it would morph into "game day".

By the way, the headline is a bit slangy as well with "subs" (substitutes):
"starters" (a player officially at the beginning of the game), substitutes (players ready to play as substitutions of another player). The whole group (starters and subs) is called at 'starting' of the game is called "starting lineup".