Como dizer "justiça (sistema judiciário) em inglês

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Amigos como falo:

"A justiça aqui na minha cidade é uma merda".

"Justiça" se referindo ao fórum aqui da minha cidade que leva anos para decidir um processo.
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The local court (OR district court in some cases) takes too long to dispense justice.

The local court takes too long to take decisions.

The local court drags its (legal) feet on suits.

To say that it´s "a merda" would add resistance to institutional changes and get you sued over "small stuff" (in your thinking, at least).
But, okay, if you wish (at your own peril) you can say that the local court is crappy, with private chatting it would pass. But not much popular with sites about law.
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My suggestion:

The local district court sucks.