Como dizer "Lei sem eficácia" em inglês

Toothless law

Collar the devil dogs: Toothless law must be changed after death of schoolgirl Jade Anderson

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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
They have a higher standard than us, to Brazilian standards it´s not that toothless, since an attack by a Pitbull (or any other devil dogs of any breed) in public will have the book thrown at the animal and its owner!
Until they had four dogs on to a small kid (in a private property, wich was not covered by the legislation)...that´s when they find it horrific!
Again, at least they have dog legislation.
As always we copy every piece of law, habit or thing from abroad...except the one that matter to us! Th at would be one would come in handy! I always thought those dogs aren´t so sweet as some people claim they are, they even can be, but when they decided otherwise...
jorgeluiz 1 6 92
uneffective law

cheers !
Breckenfeld 3 15 127
My suggestion:

An ineffective law.

PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Just as an aside comment:

Yes, the law is innefective, it didn´t produced the intended effect, not that is fully innapropriate. Certainly the author of the sentence wants some emend, some improvement of it, given the new situation that comes up. In fact, the word can be both things, and can be misleading sometimes.