Como dizer "Letra (caligrafia)" em inglês

Donay Mendonça 62650 22 99 1518
Confira mais esta dica de inglês. Amplie o seu vocabulário.

Letra (caligrafia): handwriting; writing

1. I can't read her handwriting. (Eu não consigo entender a letra dela.)
2. Your handwriting is very hard to read. (Sua letra é muito difícil de entender.)
3. Her handwriting is neat. (A letra dela é bonita.)

Como dizer "garrancho" (letra muito feia, ilegível): bad handwriting; scrawl

4. His handwriting is bad. (A letra dele é um garrancho.)
5. I can't read this scrawl. (Não consigo entender este garrancho.)

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maryziller 375 1 1
In school we got graded on penmanship. Good penmanship = good handwriting, legible handwriting.
Poor penmanship = bad or illegible handwriting.
Tiago Tafari Catelam 140 2
What about "letra de mão" and "letra de forma"?

TIA ;)
Flavia.lm 4085 1 10 93
Hi Tiago

Encontrei no Tecla SAP e confirmei no Macmillan:

to write by hand using individual letters that are not joined together
"Please be sure to print your name next to your signature."

Como eu diria: "Por favor preencha o formulário em letra de forma" ?
Please fill in the form ___________________________.
Donay Mendonça 62650 22 99 1518


Please, fill in the form in capitals.
Please, fill in the form in capital letters.

Please fill in the form in

Boa sorte!
Donay Mendonça 62650 22 99 1518

'Write in block capitals' ou 'block letters' seria "escrever usando letra de forma".Porém o Macmillan,resume dizendo que "block capitals/letters" podem ser chamadas simplesmente de "capitals".

Block capitals/letters:letters of the alphabet written in their large form, for example ‘A’ rather than ‘a’. Block capitals are often simply called capitals.

Para se dizer "escrever com letra maiúscula/de forma" em inglês:Write in capitals

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josneywat 315 6
Or informally 'write in caps'.
Henry Cunha 10210 3 16 182
Letra de mão: cursive writing
Letra de forma: print writing

"Please print" does not necessarily mean you must write in CAPS. It means you write each letter in isolated fashion, and they may be in upper or lower case.

Donay Mendonça 62650 22 99 1518

Na prática,a expressão "write in capitals" pode se referir tanto a "escrever com letra maiúscula",quanto a "escrever com letra de forma",vai depender do contexto.A opção oferecida por você "write in print",refere-se na maior parte dos casos a "escrever com letra de forma".

Aguardo comentários...

Donay Mendonça 62650 22 99 1518

Fazendo uma pesquisa no Google em relação a frequência de uso e contextos,cheguei à seguinte conclusão:"write in capitals" pode sim se referir a "escrever com letra de forma(estilo) ou "escrever com maiúscula(considerado grito em msgs online)",porém é mais comum no segundo contexto(maiúscula).Já "write in print" é claramente entendido como "escrever com letra de forma"(estilo),sem a necessidade de um contexto específico.

Boa sorte!
Henry Cunha 10210 3 16 182
Well, Donay, to write in caps means just that. To print really means to write each letter distinctly and clearly, regardless of whether it's in upper or lower case. The common request is "Please Print," meaning write each letter clearly.

It's a problem for Brazilians living in the English world, for example, who have a preposition in their names, that "de" or "da" end up capitalized in English, or attached to their last name, unless you very explicitly request a certain treatment to the way you want your name to appear. Presumably you want a complete agreement between your Brazilian documents and any other foreign documents, as this may become an issue due to all the security measures in place these days.

There are other problems with "printing" for Brazilians filling out English forms. Letters such as "I", ""D", "P", and numbers such as "1" and "7" are often printed with certain squiggles and curlicues that cause confusion to the English reader. Brazilians should look carefully at how engineers (in particular) write letters and numbers and imitate that sparse format in order to avoid possible confusion. Tips on this topic should be explored at some point in the forum.

Donay Mendonça 62650 22 99 1518

Um trecho que acho ser importante para complementar o post:

When I was growing up, cursive writing was introduced as 'the new big thing' during my second last year of Primary School. That was 1987, I was 10 years old. We spent two years in which every teacher was adamant that every student had to learn how to write using cursive and writing in print was banned.

When I began Secondary School, at the age of 12, 1989, the interest in cursive had died down and teachers said students could choose to write using either print or cursive - either way was fine.

By 1991 cursive writing was being discouraged by most teachers as print was much clearer and more legible. From 1990 I never wrote in cursive again. About 20% of people I know write in full cursive, about 30% write in print, and about 50% write using a combination of the two (eg. when they write quickly they join some but not all letters). Mind you, this is only a rough estimate and I don't really go around analysing my friends'/family members' handwriting.

Bons estudos!
Flavia.lm 4085 1 10 93
No meu colégio todo mundo tinha que fazer aulas de caligrafia até a 8ª série (ensino fundamental).
À propósito... qual o nome do caderninho? (in English)

Henry Cunha 10210 3 16 182
These are often called "handwriting exercise books." It's instructive to note, incidentally, that "4" isn't printed that way in English...
mili 45
Tiago, a Flavia ja citou o verbo to print. Este verbo e muito comum aqui em US.

- please print your last name = por favor escreva em letra de forma o seu ultimo nome

- please sign your name = signature = assine o seu nome
Donay Mendonça 62650 22 99 1518
Como dizer "minha letra é um garrancho'' em inglês:

a. My handwriting is a scrawl.
b. My handwriting looks like chicken scratch.

Ainda, "minha letra parece letra de médico, minha caligrafia é horrível, etc.".

Bons estudos!
Henry Cunha 10210 3 16 182
By the way, the word calligraphy exists in English. It stands for "the art of fine handwriting." Steve Jobs of Apple fame was a devotee of the art of calligraphy.
Sra_Tradutora 3360 6 75
I laugh when people say, "My handwriting is so bad, even I can't read it".
Henry Cunha 10210 3 16 182
And then there are those so-called handwriting experts, who claim they can tell psychic things simply from the shape and style of a writer's script. Maybe Shel Silverstein had a little message here about that when he wrote about messy handwriting:

It's Dark In Here

I am writing these poems
From inside a lion,
And it's rather dark in here.
So please excuse the handwriting
Which may not be too clear.
But this afternoon by the lion's cage
I'm afraid I got too near.
And I'm writing these lines
From inside a lion,
And it's rather dark in here.

Or maybe it was just Uncle Shelby being his usual whimsical self. I don't know.
Henry Cunha 10210 3 16 182
Oh, that thing about getting too close to the lion ... I just ran into it here: ... rc=flyouts

(Ok, this isn't about handwriting anymore. Sorry!)
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