Como dizer "levar o carro na oficina" em inglês

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Como eu posso dizer em inglês:

- Levei o carro na oficina no sábado passado.
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Thomas 14660 7 59 287
I took the car to the shop/garage last Saturday.

(oficina = garage/shop) (garagem = garage)
In English, you need to listen to the context to determine if "garage" means "oficina" (where a car is repaired) or "garagem" (where a car is parked and left).
"To put a car in the shop" is possible, but "to take a car to the shop" is more frequently heard.

Flavia.lm 4050 1 10 93

"To take the car to the shop/garage" means you took it there and not necessarily let it there (maybe you brought it back home right after some minutes/hours). When we say "botar o carro na oficina" it means it's going to stay there for some days, usually when it has lots of repairs to be done.

p.s.: In "paulista" Portuguese one would probably say "pôr o carro na oficina" or "colocar o carro na oficina". "Botar" is not very welcomed here.

Thomas 14660 7 59 287
I agree 100%, Flavia. "To take the car to the garage" usually means the same. However, "garage" in English can be either a place to repair cars or a place to store/park it. The same sentence could possibly mean "I parked my car in the garage." It all depends on the context.

My dad used to say, "Mechanics work in garages. Gas station attendants work in gas stations." In other words, he did not trust his car with anyone but a qualified mechanic, and working at a gas station did not make someone a mechanic.

Marcio_Farias 12560 1 23 212
To take one's car to the car repair shop.

Do Americans use "car repair shop"?

Thomas 14660 7 59 287
Márcio, "car repair shop" would be understood and is certainly clearer in meaning than "garage", but "garage" would be preferred by natives. It's just a guess, but I think "shop" would be used more by men. A very good question, by the way. I admire your interest in the language.

Two more good expressions:
My car is in the shop. (My car is being repaired and is not available for use now.)
When can I get my car out of the shop? (When will my car be repaired and returned to me?)

Remember that "shop" has various meanings in English in addition to a place where cars are repaired. A "machine shop" is where "turnos" (lathes) and other machines are used to work metal. A "shop" can be a small store (antiques, bakery goods, "lanchonete", stores in a mall, etc.). "The shop" is often the name given to the production, non-office, non-storage area of a factory. An "open shop" is a company where non-union employees can be hired, and a "closed shop" requires union membership. A "shop foreman" is the manager of the production part of a business, not of the clerical or administrative part. And so on....

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Thank you, folks.

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