Como dizer "licenciado" em inglês

Tenho essa dúvida, acredito que eles não costumam usar "undergraduates" ou usem college students ou apenas students.
Alguém pode me ajudar, por favor? :)

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Borrowing from an answer that Marcio had given at EMB (another Forum) eons ago:
- Com licenciatura em...
Having a degree in.../with a degree in...

- Analista de Sistemas.
Computer systems analyst

As per definition is the licensure or certification in a profession (here a teaching on the subject related to that profession). In Brazil, is said of those that earn a degree (and by extension a diploma).
Some time ago, by being graduated you could teach in schools the basic levels (elementary school) without complementary training.

So, another way you would say to express you are "licenciado" (Liceniatura Curta) is that you graduated in....

To "Licenciatura Plena" it would mean that you had training (a shorter course in the area) that qualifies you to teach. And you could do the teaching on higher levels.

I learned that this terminology is out of use. A law was passed establishing that to both cases is necessary a further (university) training course.
So, now it's just "Licensiado" as mentioned (rightly) in your question. I just added a bit of 'history' here. ;-)