Como dizer "madeixa postiça, aplique de cabelo" em inglês

Hello guys
I came across a word in Portuguese to translate into English. How do you say "madeixa postiça, aplique de cabelo" in English?
I'd appreciate the answer :)
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Hair extension

Hair extension is a grouping of hair that is attached to the client's own hair to create the appearance of additional fullness and/or additional length.
Thanks ;)
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Nós temos de acordo com o FTD : SWITCH: 6. (Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Hairdressing & Grooming) a tress of false hair used to give added length or bulk to a woman's own hairstyle.

também gostei da opção de HAIR EXTENSION.

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Sometimes they say "hair extensions", sometimes when there´s no doubt they are talking about hair (when talking about salons or combined with hair highlights etc) they say just "extensions".

Other times they say "hair extensions", not to be confused with other types of extensions, i.e. "leg extensions" etc.

Case in point:, ... 52,00.html

Before jetting off to L.A. to mentor the contestants on American Idol, Miley Cyrus paid an emergency visit to New York's Gemini 14 Salon for some more highlights and extensions. In fact, Cyrus delayed her private plane for four hours while she met with her regular stylist Kristina Barricelli. ... 62,00.html

It's no secret that celebs get long locks overnight with extensions, but you may not know the insider trick for getting them to look natural and shiny.