Como dizer "Mãe coruja" em inglês

Hello people!
Does anyone know how to say "mãe coruja"?
Is there such expression in English?
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I have been thinking about my post from yesterday.

If I understand "mae coruja" correctly, soccer/hockey moms are "maes corujas" but not all "maes corujas" are soccer/hockey moms. Let me give you an example. A 70 year old mother can be a "mae coruja" who is proud of the achievements of her children's accomplishments. Right? However, there is no way on earth she can be called a soccer/hockey mom. If you go to Merriam-Webster or Wikipedia for the definition of the terms, I am sure you will agree.

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Hi Sergio,

Eu diria: Overprotective mother.

Exemplo de como usar:

She was an overprotective mother who did everything possible to please her child. (Ela era uma mãe coruja que fazia tudo para agradar o filho.)

Bons estudos.

I guess it works, but for me "mãe coruja" is related with pride and not protection.
Do you see my point?

Thanks anyway. It certainly is a way to express it.

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Yes. It makes sense.

Como se diz mãe coruja?

Please, help me!
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Hockey mom

She's a real hockey mom. [Ela é uma mãe coruja.]

Bons estudos.


Também existe a expressão "mother hen"... parecida com português.


Ouvi num episódio de Supernatural o Dean falando "Soccer Mom", o equivalente a mãe-coruja do nosso português.

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I understand the term to mean "proud mother".

A "mother hen" is overly protective of her children, employees, etc. And a "mother hen" can be a man. Yes, a man. Often it is a negative description, almost an insult.

"Hockey mom" is more or less the Canadian version of "soccer mom". It doesn't get much use in the USA for a very simple reason: the weather. Before getting too enamorate of the term "soccer mom", I would suggest a review of its definition at Wikipedia or in a good dictionary. Possibly the term is not being understood and we are going off on a tangent. Possibly...

"a mother hen"

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I understood it as "proud mother".

Tem também a espressão "Doting mother".

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Informação adicional:

Hockey mom is a term widely used in Canada, where mothers (and fathers) often take their children to ice hockey rinks. Sarah Palin, the U.S. Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008, described herself as a hockey mom as far back as her 2006 gubernatorial race. In her speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention and in stump speeches following the convention, she joked that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull was lipstick, suggesting that hockey moms are "tough". "Hockey partisans" claim that hockey moms are "a bit more intense than their soccer counterparts, both in terms of the commitments they make to the sport and the intensity with which they cheer their kids." []

Hockey mom is a term widely used in Canada and northern U.S. states (including Alaska), in which mothers often take their children to hockey rinks.'' [Wikipedia]

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Uma gíria que está na moda é "helicopter parent".

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Outra opção:

Proud and protective mother

"And she's a proud and protective mother [mãe coruja], giving Manny everything he needs and more." [cbc.canada]

"Madonna played the proud and protective mother [fez o papel da mãe coruja] at the unveiling of her and daughter Lourdes' Material Girl fashion line at Macy's on Wednesday. The pop star let her 13-year-old, who goes by Lola for short, answer nearly all fashion questions as the duo walked the pink-carpet press line. She straightened out her kid's outfit on a few occasions." [New York Daily News]

Olha o que o dicionario diz:

Bom demais.

Hi! From what I understand, the expression really just translates into proud mom.

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I agree with proud Mother

Here’s how I define the other expressions that were suggested.

Soccer mom . In the US is a mom who drives small children to soccer games in the Fall and can influence elections which are held in November.

“The candidates for town council hit the soccer fields yesterday hoping to sway soccer moms with promises of better school funding and increased speed enforcement on local roads.”

Mother hen. A woman who is always fussing about how clean things are or about what everyone is eating or if people are dressed warmly enough.

College girl: My roommate is such a mother hen. She’s always cleaning up the room and asking when I’m coming home. I know she means well but it gets annoying.

Calling a man a mother hen would be insulting indeed! Ha, ha, ha!

Helicopter mom. This is a mom who hovers over her child like a helicopter. She calls the teacher every day to make sure junior did all his class work. Later she will attend his little league baseball practice and question the coach about junior’s position in the line-up. At games she sits in the dug-out and makes sure the other kids aren’t bullying her son. She’s the volunteer class mother, the Cub Scout den mom, and the president of the PTA. She goes to every school board meeting and she makes appointments with the school principal every time junior gets a “b” on any quiz or test. She makes her son practice his violin, trumpet and piano for 20 minutes every day and she sits at his side when he does his homework.

She arranges all his play dates and does background checks on the families of all his friends. She enrolls him in SAT prep classes when he’s 10 years old and makes him do a math problem before he can eat a cookie.

Everybody hates helicopter moms

Doting Mother. A mother who adores her son and fixes his favorite foods.

Over-protective mom. This mom is a worrywart. She won’t let her child have any fun because she worries too much. The opposite is a permissive mom. A permissive mom tries to be her kid’s friend and seeks her kid’s approval.

Proud Mom. “Harvie just got all A’s in medical school this semester, again!”

Proud mamma! Acho que quer dizer exatamente mae coruja no sentido de orgulhosa da sua cria. "I love my children, they're beautiful! I'm a proud mamma!"

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