Como dizer "Mandado de prisão" em inglês

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Como é que se fala "mandado de prisão","mandado de prisão provisória","mandado de prisão preventiva" em inglês?: Arrest warrant; temporary arrest warrant; preventive arrest warrant
  • Police issued an arrest warrant on Wednesday for the goalkeeper of Brazilian league champion Flamengo in connection with the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend. (Usatoday)
    A polícia emitiu um mandado de prisão na quarta feira contra o goleiro do time campeão brasileiro, Flamengo, ligado ao desaparecimento de sua ex-namorada.
O artigo completo:

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Police issued an arrest warrant on Wednesday for the goalkeeper of Brazilian league champion Flamengo in connection with the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend.
Prosecutors in Rio de Janeiro said in a statement that a five-day preventive arrest warrant had been issued against Bruno Souza, as well as the goalkeeper's wife Dayane Rodrigues and his friend Luiz Henrique Romao.
Souza's 17-year-old cousin has confessed to being involved in the abduction of 25-year-old Eliza Samudio on June 4. According to the statement, the cousin said Samudio had been strangled.
On Wednesday, the cousin was taken to the city of Vespasiano, Minas Gerais state, where he directed police to a house where he says Samudio's body is hidden.
Rodrigues was placed under preventive arrest early on Wednesday in connection with the case.
Police, who have not located Souza and Romao to serve the warrants, have said the goalkeeper is suspected, along with two friends, of having beaten Samudio to death and hidden her body.
No one has been charged with a crime. Under Brazilian law, police must complete their investigations before formal charges are filed by prosecutors.
Under the temporary arrest warrants, Souza, Rodrigues, Romao and eight others suspected of involvement in the case could remain in custody for up to five days while police complete their investigations. The warrants could be extended by another five days.
Souza's attorney, Michel Assef Filho, was not immediately available for comment, according to Filho's receptionist. Globo TV's G1 website quoted Assef Filho as saying he plans to "file a writ of habeas corpus because there is no justification for his (Souza's) arrest."
In the city of Belo Horizonte, where Souza also owns a home, police inspector Edson Moreira told reporters he too has asked for the preventive arrest of Souza and Romao "to guarantee they do not interfere with the investigation."
He said Souza was considered a "fugitive" since the goalkeeper has not been found by police.
Police said last week they had found blood stains in Souza's home and car. Laboratory tests to determine if the blood belongs to Samudio have not been concluded. Police have said Samudio is the mother of a 4-month-old boy from a relationship with Souza. The boy is being cared for by Samudio's parents. (USA Today)

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4 respostas
Thomas 7 60 288
Do not expect to find common and wide use of the terms "temporary arrest warrant"and "preventive arrest warrant" in the USA. As the laws and criminal procedures vary from state to state, what is common in Oregon can be unheard of Florida. Brazil is not the only country that issues those types of warrants.

A "bench warrant" is issued by a judge. Often the bench warrant is issued because the defendant has failed to keep a court appearance, deserted probation (absconded), etc. If the defendant is smart, he will go to court and "surrender on the bench warrant" rather than wait until he is arrested.
Henry Cunha 3 17 182
Well, every arrest warrant is technically for temporary detention. Only a court can determine if an arrest should be transformed into "preventive detention" (a well-established American legal process) or if the accused is to be freed (with or without bail) pending further hearings and possibly trial. A "mandado" is a warrant. A "mandado de busca e apreensão" is a search-and-seizure warrant, for example. There are all kinds of "mandados," of course, as there are all kinds of warrants.

Frankly, I doubt you can surrender at court on a bench warrant. Courts operate on pre-established agendas. You basically surrender at a police station on a "fail to appear" charge, and will subsequently be brought to court to face that specific charge (separate or along with other pending charges). So even if yu appear at a courthouse and identify yourself to a court official or attending police officer, all that will happen is that you'll be taken into custody at the local jail until your case is inserted into the court docket for appearance.

What an unpleasant topic...
Thomas 7 60 288
Henry, I was a probation officer in Los Angeles County for 30 years. It's very possible to surrender to the court on a bench warrant. If the judge wants to remand the defendant, the bailiff will be happy to oblige. It's never a really good idea to tick off a judge. The judge is not always right, but he is always the judge.

Most defendants are arrested on bench warrants when they are either charged with a new offense or a routine check of identification turns up the warrant. Some seem to sincerely believe "I thought they had forgotten about that."
Henry Cunha 3 17 182
Thomas, you are undoubtedly right about surrender at a courthouse. I have the experience of seeing Toronto courthouses that are so busy I didn't think you'd even find anyone to surrender to.
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