Como dizer "Marinheiro de primeira viagem" em inglês

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Aprenda a dizer marinheiro de primeira viagem, iniciante, novato, que não tem muita experiência em inglês. Leia este artigo e melhore ainda mais as suas habilidades e o seu conhecimento no idioma. Fique por dentro do assunto.


Exemplos de uso:

  • I'm a rookie. [Eu sou marinheiro de primeira viagem.]
  • I am a rookie at it. [Eu sou marinheiro de primeira viagem nisso.]
  • No matter if you're a rookie or not. [Não importa se você é marinheiro de primeira viagem ou não.]
  • I'm still a rookie at it. [Eu ainda sou marinheiro de primeira viagem nisto.]
  • He's a rookie. [Ele é marinheiro de primeira viagem.]

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Bons estudos.
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mais uma:


definition: One that is new to something, especially a novice at using computer technology or the Internet. / any new participant in some activity.
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A "pollywog" is a sailor who is crossing the Equator for the first time. It is traditional for him to go before a "Court of King Neptune" for the initiation.

A "cherry" is a soldier in combat for the first time.
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A "tenderfoot" is someone new to the Old West or to camping. ("Sugarfoot" was also used in the 1800s to describe such a person.) In the Boy Scouts of America, a tenderfoot is a new Scout very limited experience.
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Another suggestion:


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Tyro [tahy-roh] [sailor]

My boat, Unlikely V, was a 32-foot Westsail, as good a vessel as a tyro sailor could hope for, my experience was more bravado [bravata] than fact, and my crew was even dumber [mais ignorante] then I, if that could be possible. ...
Google Books - Call of the Ancient Mariner

It's a satisfaction of another sort to have movies that appeal to the deepest, dreamiest parts of a tyro moviegoer's soul.
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LANDLUBBER is an excellent translation for "marinheiro de primera viagem". It is a person not familiar with seamanship, someone more at home on land than at sea.

can be used for many types of beginners, but it will probably be best understood by a scholar of Greek classics.

or OKIE refers to someone from Oklahoma, especially someone who left the state in the 1930s due to extreme poverty. I have no idea how the word could be linked to lack of experience or skill.

ROOKIE is used a lot by the police to mean an inexperienced officer, but I would not expect to hear in the Navy.

BOOT is an inexperienced marine. Not sailor, marine. (Boot Camp is where initial or basic training takes place.)

CHERRY became popular during the Vietnam War to mean an inexperienced soldier or marine. A car that is cherry is a car in excellent condition, inside and out. It is not necessarily new.

NEWBIE is also common for someone who is new at things.
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GREENHORN, GREENHAND = Someone who is new on a ranch or farm. (hand = employee, worker)

GREEN = Soldier, colleague, etc. with limited or no prior experience.

It is a crime to take green troops into combat.
The lieutenant is very green. He arrived last week.
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Green - verde, também existe no português: Fig. Inexperiente, principiante, bisonho.

Noun 1. tyro - someone new to a field or activity. Syn: beginner, initiate, tiro, novice
Related Words:
- unskilled person - a person who lacks technical training
- abecedarian - a novice learning the rudiments of some subject
- apprentice, prentice, learner - works for an expert to learn a trade
- cub, greenhorn, rookie - an awkward and inexperienced youth
- landlubber, landsman, lubber - an inexperienced sailor; a sailor on the first voyage
- fledgeling, fledgling, newbie, newcomer, entrant, freshman, neophyte, starter, any new participant in some activity
- tenderfoot - an inexperienced person (especially someone inexperienced in outdoor living)
- trainee - someone who is being trained