Como dizer "Merece levar uma ação contra (uma atividade criminosa)" em inglês


Aquilo que o cara escreveu no comentário do seu vídeo, é totalmente insã! Ele merece levar uma ação contra danos morais na internet.


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Hello! Melissa
Encontrei uma possibilidade de como dizer "merece levar uma ação contra"

1. Be sued _ mean: to make a legal claim against someone, because they have done something bad to you.
Confira exemplos abaixo
He should be sued for hitting on her. (Ele merece levar uma ação contra por dar em cima dela).

John should be sued for false advertising. (John merece levar uma ação contra por propaganda enganosa).

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That comment that the guy made on your channel about your video is outrageous! He should be sued (over defamatory Internet posts).

That guy should be sued over his outrageous/false/bullying/reputation damaging, etc comments made on your channel about your video!

You would be awarded moral damage compensation

Let's suppose it's a video on YouTube, then the "channel" word.

You could also say "you could take legal action against that guy that made such outrageous comments on your channel about..." Iin this case, it's not yet established the compensation, I left it open, because the person could sue for "moral damages, slander and defamation" for instance (see? A combo here - moral damages, slander, and defamation)". Lawsuits may vary a lot, depending on the country legislation, the person suing, the reasoning behind it, etc.

In slangy ways: "you should throw the book(s) at that guy for his outrageous comments about that video on your channel".

"Take legal action" or "move a lawsuit against..." or "seek compensation for moral damage(s)" would be more formal in kind.

By the way, "ele merece levar uma ação por danos morais na internet.", sounds better than "contra danos morais" here.

Let's wait for more comments, though.