Como dizer "morrendo de curiosidade" em inglês

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Hi guys,

What would you say is the best way of saying something like "Estou morrendo de curiosidade!" in English?

Cheers! :)
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I am dying of curiosity.


My curiosity is getting the best of me.
I am feeling the burn of curiosity.
I hardly can contain my curiosity.

And other ways, and they can have slightly different meaning in different contexts.
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Recomendo I'm dying of curiosity. (Estou morrendo de curiosidade.)

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I am longing to know/to see.

Cheers !

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Complementing the above information.
"I am longing...and to + verb..." is usually found in the same sentence - and more often than not with complementary information.
I am longing to know what Hortensius has done, and what Cato is doing.

I am longing to know what would've happened if I had done it and had moved to a place that calls to me.