Como dizer "mundando de saco pra mala" em inglês

Hi guys!

Alguém sabe se há uma expressão em inglês que tenha o mesmo sentido de "mudando de saco pra mala"? Ou seja, situação em que quero mudar de assunto repentinamente.

Thanks a lot.
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Rakell Grubert Pere 3405 3 6 66

I think you can use "to change the subject "
to begin talking about something different.

They changed the subject suddenly when the person whom they had been discussing entered the room.
We'll change the subject if we are embarrassing you.
Don't change the subject!

Pierre saw that Boris wished to change the subject, and being of the same mind he began explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the Boulogne expedition.
(War and Peace -Tolstoy )

One thing Obama is good at is changing the subject. ... e-subject/

Donay Mendonça 61855 22 99 1502
Opções: now to change the subject, changing the subject

''Well, changing the subject a bit, you can say we are having some really hot weather out here now, also had a shower the other day.'' [Google - USA]

''Well, changing the subject, some bands complained about Century Media, saying that they didn't have artistical freedom.'' []

Bons estudos!

Rakell Grubert Pere 3405 3 6 66
Outra opção:
let's get off this subject
get off:to stop talking about a subject because you have become interested in talking about something else

CNN LARRY KING LIVE-Interview With Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

KING: Really? Do you think they're going to get married?

FERGUSON: No comment! I have no idea. We have to ask him. (LAUGHTER)

KING: OK. You're there. I'm not. I don't know him. What do I know.

FERGUSON: Well, exactly. But Larry -- Larry, well, go and ring Charles.

KING: Look, I'm going to other things.

FERGUSON: Ring Charles. Yes. Yes.

KING: I just want to -- OK.

FERGUSON: Let's get off this subject.

KING: How did you get along with Prince Philip?

FERGUSON: Let's get off this subject!

KING: OK, I will. ... kl.00.html

Rakell Grubert Pere 3405 3 6 66
Dependendo do contexto: to switch gears: to suddenly change what you are doing especially the way you think about a particular activity.

Exemplo extraido dos arquivos digitais do Bowdoin College (Brunswick, Maine, USA)

Interview with Bob Rozen(Robert Rozen) by Diane Dewhirst ... istory/35/

RR:Well, one minor piece of this tax reform bill that nobody focused on is, it changed the withholding schedules so people didn’t over-withhold as much. [So] they got smaller refund checks back, and that kind of soured them on this tax reform. Even though their rates were lower, their taxes were cut, to them the most visible thing was the refund and it was smaller.

DD: Switching gears, can we talk a little bit about campaign finance reform?
Mudando de assunto, podemos falar um pouco sobre a reforma do financiamento de campanha?