Como dizer "Músicas que levantam o público" em inglês

-Que título é esse? Músicas que levantam o público até hoje.
-Estou fazendo uma relação de músicas de outras décadas que são cantadas, lembradas e emocionam o público até hoje.

Nesta aula, a professora Camila Oliveira ensina vários macetes para você nunca mais se confundir na hora de dizer as horas em inglês. ACESSAR AULA
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So you are going to make a list of "Timeless songs"/a timeless songs list/timeless track list/a list of timeless hits/tunes.

There are some that catch on in a way that people say they are timeless classics. To many, for example Scorpions´ "still loving you." to others, songs of Bruce Springsteen, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Maddona, some jazz songs, souls etc.

I saw this definition on a site:
Songs that blow people away…and continue to do so decades after they’re recorded. Evoking deep feelings.

A particular song that touch on all that is beautiful about connecting ideas, memories, and emotion with notes; creating a story through combining these tones in an order, then coupling with lyrics and driving it home with dynamic.

As a guy said, "they are musics that people have been listening for more than 30 years, and 30 years from now are (problably) what you are going to be listening to." The so called "timeless everlasting music next generation passing".

My! today I am in a poetical mode!