Como dizer "Na moral" em inglês

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Português: na moral [seriamente, da maneira certa, como deve ser]
Inglês: seriously, the right way

Com o programa na Globo às quintas-feiras feito por Pedro Bial, a expressão "na moral" passa a ser ainda mais usada. Vamos a alguns exemplos traduzidos para que entendam melhor algumas maneiras de se dizer "na moral" em inglês.
  • ''You will always get these people who are against lots of things, but you just need to talk to them the right way.''
  • "Você sempre vai ter estas pessoas que são contra muitas coisas, mas você só precisa falar com elas na moral.''
  • ''If you like arguing so much, you should be a lawyer! Seriously, you would be good at it.''
  • "Se você gosta de discutir tanto assim, você deveria ser um advogado! Na moral, você seria bom nisso.''
  1. It was so hot that we nearly melted. But seriously, it was hotter than I've ever experienced.
  2. “I'll pay for dinner.” “Seriously?”
  3. "When we talk about things the right way, we are in line with public opinion," explained Gardiner.
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PPAULO 52960 6 42 955
As for Bial show I would say it could be described as something by in between ''candid talk show" or "Candidly Bial" (borrowing from the "Candidly Nicole") or then just "Bial Talk Show". I am more for the latter.

jlcashill 1605 4 12 29
Literally, just the other day I saw a guy, who had been skating in the bowl at the skate park, fall off his board after several attempts at trying to hit a trick. He was lying on his back at the bottom of the bowl, frustrated and tired, and he said to himself, "Na moral?"

I have found myself in the same situation many times (I don't skate very well), and the best, non-explicit translation for this would be something like "Seriously?" or "Are you kidding me?", or "You've got to be kidding me!"

More explicitly, "Are you f%#!ing kidding me?!?" or "You've gotta be sh%#!ing me!", or something along those lines.

This is just one specific situation. Donay's explanation is more complete.

Hope this helps a bit!

- Josh

PPAULO 52960 6 42 955

The skat8r guy could have meant, (in a Brazilian sense) know what? I am no skater material! not my cup of tea! skate is not my thing! /definitely not my thing! etc. These also would mean, "na moral?"/"quer saber?"