Como dizer "não leva ninguém a lugar nenhum" em inglês

Adriano Japan 2 20
...doesn't get anyone anywhere.


Hate doesn't get anyone anywhere.
Ódio não leva ninguém a lugar algum/nenhum.

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Adriano Japan 2 20

...accomplishes nothing = não leva a nada, não chega a lugar nenhum

Foreign residents in Japan shouldn't be held accountable for bad things other people in their country of origin are doing.
Arguing about which countries have worse stereotyping accomplishes nothing.
felipeh6 7 56
Another example:

A: I guess we should go this way...
B: No, it's that way...
A: C'mon, I'm sure it's this way...
B: You must be kidding...
A: Alright, we don't agree, but this discussion won't get us anywhere.
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Get nowhere

Get people nowhere

Get you nowhere

Meanness gets you nowhere, but goodness is rewarded. (Proverbs 11:18-26)