Como dizer "Nariz de tucano" em inglês

Hook nose, Aquiline nose, Roman nose

Political correctness has caught up with Britain's deaf community. It is no longer acceptable to sign a slanted eye when talking about the Chinese or to mime a hook nose when referring to Jewish people.
The Guardian

Com nariz de tucano --> Hooked-nose/ Hook-nosed

Today's front cover bothers me only in one regard and that is in the racial stereotypes employed in the depiction of the prophet Muhammad, a shorthand here for Arabs and Muslims more broadly. We (thankfully!) wouldn't accept an image of a hooked-nose Jew, so it is unclear to me why images of hooked-nose Arabs – because forget who the prophet Muhammad is to Muslims, he is an Arab man being depicted in racially stereotypical terms – isn't more disturbing to others.
The Guardian

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