Como dizer “Negar fogo” em inglês

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Nina faz homens de "Avenida Brasil" negar fogo com suas mulheres. (UOL)

Negar fogo – falhar, não atingir o orgasmo; não dar no couro, não comparecer...

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to have/get an erection = ter uma ereção
to fail to get an erection = negar fogo

My first time in bed with a girl I failed to get an erection (A minha primeira vez na cama com uma garota não consegui ter uma ereção/neguei fogo) ... 740AAyXWr1
jorgeluiz 1 6 92
só para adir: erection na linguagem informal seria Hard-on.
falhar ou negar fogo se for na linguagem de explosivos seria Misfire.

In Portuguese, in my opinion "negar fogo" meaning would be deny a burning sexual desire

Is there an English expression for that? c:
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
To fail in bed is a more polite way to say that.

Just worth noticing that as in any area of life failing is one option, someone has said to err is human! :P Okay a bit unrelated, anyway, people make of avoiding failing a way of life. Once, the one that was homeless, jobless, pennyless, etc was seen and depicted on the English literature and on the streets like "unfortunate". Today people dub one in this state like "a loser". Don´t wonder how this hurts people and make some angry.
Plus, if someone keep at it, someday will be eventually succesful. Just saying!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Luigi, perhaps you meant something like:
turn off - lose sexual interest, because of something that one dislike on the other person.
lose sexual interest (in other ways, perhaps one didn´t share the thoughts, ways of life of the other person, there wasn´t love, didn´t share the same interests, etc)
Lose sex drive/desire etc (a more serious state).
Breckenfeld 3 15 127
My suggestion:

Not to get it up .

Donay Mendonça 22 103 1.5k
Negar fogo – falhar, não atingir o orgasmo; não dar no couro, não comparecer...

Cut the mustard: in males, virility or sexual potency . Often used in a disparaging manner, as a put-down:

''He couldn't cut the mustard.''
"Ele negava fogo.''

''He can't cut the mustard anymore.''

Bons estudos.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Indeed the proverbial "don´t cut the mustard" is used not only with this meaning, there are others as well. All in the sense of "not coming up to the expectations/failing at something/don´t reaching the required standard/not meeting the expectations" etc.
Just complementing, so one isn´t going to think it´s always one expression with sexual connotation, wich is not. Said in context, it would be, though. ... rd.780388/ ... he+Mustard
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By the way, on the Mustardland Forum, they "badge" forum participants with some kind of fancy ''catchphrase", such as:

Regular Visitor
Surgically Attached To My Keyboard
Needs To Get A Life
Babbling Like A Brook ...
Cuts the Mustard
Shoe Worshipper
The right sort of Poster
Legs shrinking - fingers lengthening, etc...

Having nothing to do with real life, but with the number of posts in that Forum (that is, presence on the forum).