Como dizer "Nem uma Coisa Nem Outra" em inglês

Como se diz "Nem uma Coisa Nem Outra" em inglês?

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ailime 2

Dê uma olhada aqui:

ailime 2
I suggest:

Neither one thing nor the other

E.g. from the Guardian:
... He did neither one thing nor the other, or perhaps he did a bit of both, reluctantly holding out a single hand, off which the ball bounced, ...

Thomas 7 62 297
Neither fish nor fowl
Donay Mendonça 23 127 1.7k

>> it's not one thing or another

''The Tree of Life has divided both critics and ­audiences. Is it a profound masterpiece, or pretentious nonsense?''
''Funny, but ridiculous. As commenters above have said, it's not one thing or another. There were things in it that blew me away, showed me things I'd never seen before, and there were things in it that were tedious and cliched, though most of the cliches were Malick's own.'' -