Como dizer "No caminho certo" em inglês

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Como digo essa frase em inglês "estou no caminho certo".

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To me, there is a shade of difference of meaning between the two. If you are "on the right track", you could be solving a mystery or a puzzle and you are on the right track to solve it. On the right path has a more profound meaning. It is more philosophical. You are following the correct path for your life. I am not sure if in Portuguese the phrase given has a different meaning but that is how I interpreted it. We use on the right track here in the USA also but as I said it has a shade of difference in the meaning from the expression to be on the right path.

Olá Maria Alice,

I'm on the right way.

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Maria Alice,

Sugestão: I am on the right track.

Boa sorte!

Eu diria: I'm on the right path

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I like I am on the right path the best of the answers.

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On the right track, é mais comum nos EUA.

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I agree with Judi. We only can learn this things with a native speaker and each place have a diferent spoken english!

In portuguese path, track and way means the same thing "Caminho".

Thank you guys!

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We do have an expression, he is back on track which is like he lost his way on the path (of life, perhaps) and now he is back on it but that is different from on the right track.

Oh yeah! Actually in portuguese we use the same word to mean "right path" or "right track", but we can understand the sense. Good is not to try translate only, but to try making sense, to interpret. ;)