Como dizer "No que você está pensando?" em inglês

I was watching Star Trek last weekend.

When Spock's mother dies he lose his authority as captain to Kirk, so his father talks to him: "Speak your mind, Spock".

It sounds like: "Fale, no que você está pensando?".

Achei interessante e quis compartilhar, não achei nada parecido na busca. =)

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Speak your mind. = Be frank. Hold nothing back. Tell me what you really think/believe.
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Yes, in the context certainly it means "to say exactly what you think or feel".

In other contexts if someone said that it might have other meanings as well.

Thank you for your answer!

Would you quote any other meaning, for example?

I saw the link and there is the same meaning that we are talking.
Well, I just use:
What do you think right now? or
What's on your mind?
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Yep, I will.

Have a lot of respect for Dr Carson, no doubt a man who isn't afraid to speak him mind and not worry about being politically correct. We need more like him to stand up. ... 580&page=1

By crawling within the site and reading the topic, you can see that it´s a contrast against (the perceived) Obama attitude, that was described before "

This is a brilliant man who makes a lot of sense. All Obama can do is sit there with no expression and listen to the crowd applaude this great speech.

That is, the guy (Dr. Carson) "diz o que pensa/não tem medo de falar''.
It´s a different meaning of the one in your initial question. Unless capitain Kirk didn´t get along well with his mother, and was incentived to speak bad of her (and her actions), what is not the case, I think. :lol:

Very interesting point. Thank you!
Eu diria: "A penny for your thoughts"