Como dizer "O confete em pessoa" em inglês

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There is a popular saying which is very empathetic and nice used to refer to people who kindly praise us for qualities they themselves have.

We usually say "Você é o confete em pessoa jogando confete nos outros". That is pretty the opposite of "O sujo falando do mal-lavado" reported to modest persons who compliments other for attributes they also have.

Is there any correspondent form of this saying in the English language?

Thank you all in advance :)
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You should read:

To flatter each other
- rasgar seda; [Informal]
- jogar confete em outros. [Informal]
- elogiar demasiadamente; bajular. [Formal]

1) The pot calling the kettle black.
2) The pot calling the kettle silver.
3) Pot, meet kettle.

(expressions) [proverb]
- o sujo falando do mal lavado. [Informal]
- hipócrita.

"The pot calling the kettle black" is peculiar because some people consider it a racist expression. This is due to the fact that the word "black" is present in it. So, they prefer to change the word "black" to "silver", since most of the kitchen utensils (pots and kettles, for example) are currently silver. If you are talking to people who are not your acquaintances, it is recommended that you change "black" to "silver".

Of course, the color of the skin has nothing to do with the origin of the expression. The kitchen utensils have been manufactured in black color for a long time. The expression refers to the fact that these two utensils, the pot and the kettle, have left the same factory with the same color and although they have different forms, they are identical in essence.

"The pot calling the kettle black" has been in English since the 1600s. Over the years it has changed in some regions. Nowadays, there are pople who just say "pot, meet kettle" because it is simpler and also a less racist way of talking dirty about hypocrites.

(1) Pearson Education. Longman Dictionary. 2004.
(2) CRESSWELL, Julia. Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins. 2010.
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Você é o confete em pessoa jogando confete nos outros. = Pleonasmo vicioso.

Você é o confete em pessoa = Você é o bajulador da vez = Você é um bajulador.

>> You are (such) a brown nose
>> You are (really) an apple polisher.
>> You are (really) toady.

[Nas frases anteriores, o emissor da mensagem está fazendo uma observação ou uma censura ao comportamento um tanto exagerado do bajulador. O termo "ass kisser" é muito ofensivo.]


Espero ter ajudado.