Como dizer "Ô lá em casa!" em inglês

Simon Vasconcelos 4250 7 80
-Ô lá em casa!
-Pelo menos respeita quando a tua mulher está por perto. Ela pode escutar.

Ô lá em casa é uma frase de conotação sexual dita, geralmente, por homens quando eles veem uma mulher gostosa.
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Thomas 14570 7 59 287
She could eat crackers in my bed anytime. (Nobody likes crackers in their bed, but he would make an exception.)
She could leave/park her slippers under my bed.
I hope I get lucky tonight.
I'd like her to sit on my face. (very sexual)
Take a load of that! (Look at her!)
Check that/her out! (Look at her!)
I think I have died and go to heaven.
I'd like to wrap her up and take her home.

Simon, if you said most of these things about my sister, I would kill you. LOL

Thomas 14570 7 59 287
Simon, I not remember hearing this in Brazil. If you are telling your friends not to say inappropriate things because a woman is approaching (or within hearing), you can say:

Watch your language.
Watch your mouth. ("mouths" if two or more men)
Watch what you say.
Clean it up.
Clean up your act.
Keep it clean.
A lady is present.

Changing the subject, among Freemasons, if a conversation concerning Freemasonry is taking place and a non-Freemason approaches, you will hear: "Há goteira." It means, "Stop talking about this until the person leaves."

Simon Vasconcelos 4250 7 80
Thomas, thank you for the expressions you wrote because I could learn other ways to say "watch your mouth", but I'd like to know how to translate the title of the topic. It can also be written this way: "Ô essa mulher lá em casa". As I told before, this sentence has a sexual connotation, as it means a guy thinks that a certain woman is so pretty that it would be worthwhile taking her to his house.
I was wondering if I could say: I wish I could get lucky! What do you think?

g7luiz 20 1
You're most likely to say something like "Aaaaaaw, damn!" though.

By the way, kind of off-topic, but that reminds me of something my Australian boss says sometimes, when he says a girl's pretty and someone else disagrees, he goes: "I'd rather be up hers than up north cutting cane". LOL

PPAULO 47175 6 39 833
And I "I wish I had a girl like that"? Thomas. I have read a variety of sentences in that direction, like "I wish a had a girl like that on my arm" etc.

I am not sure if it is used often in conversational dialogues or if it´s more, say, formal. Could you confirm that for us, Thomas? please.

Yours were good examples, mainly the "check it out", I have seen it a lot in pop songs. For example, as in my "My Humps"
by Black-eyed peas song.

Marlon X19 1025 4 17
''há goteiras'' very interesting, I didn't know about that, btw are you a freemason?

MarcosV 25
A gíria "dish" é considerada aceitável para ser usada perto de mulheres ou tem o mesmo sentido de "gostosa" aqui?

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