Como dizer "O pedido ainda não chegou ao Brasil" em inglês

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Como dizer a carga ou pedido ainda não chegou ao Brasil em inglês?

Can I use "This cargo did not arrive in Brazil" or "This order" ir "This process"?
Can I start to sentence using "The"?
Bye the way, I see that a lot of sentences, It does not start with "The", why? Understand me? Is it correct?
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You should read: Diferentes maneiras de dizermos "carga" em inglês.

A) order
(ordem de compra) = pedido.

B) load
>> carga de caminhão.

C) cargo
>> carga de navio ou de avião.

D) freight
>> carga de trem.

1. Houve um atraso na entrega do pedido.
>> There has been a delay in delivery of the order.

2. O pedido ainda não chegou no Brasil.
>> The order has not arrived in Brazil yet.

3. A entrega foi adiada.
>> The delivery has been delayed.

Note: We must start the second and third sentences with the because we are talking about specific things.

(1) Pearson Education. Longman Dictionary. 2nd ed. 2009.
(2) Cottonon.
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But, Can I use "this"?
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This is used with something that is at hand, close in distance or time (or if you have specified which order recently in your writing).

That to refer to something, far in distance or time. Or if you want to make it somehow impersonal - but maybe it backfires with a customer...the so-called "it´s not my job" thing.

If you are talking about a specific order, then "the" is used (could use "your" too).

The short answer: yes, you can use "this".