Como dizer "Omitir a verdade" em inglês

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Português: omitir a verdade
Inglês: conceal the truth

  1. 'Hey, I didn't lie, I just concealed the truth. And look, I am sincerely sorry for being crazy,' said Jackie.
  2. Why did they lie, or at least conceal the truth?
  3. Maybe you didn't openly lie, maybe you just concealed the truth.

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(to) lie by omission
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And also

To withhold the truth

[*] There is also the common misconception that intentional deception by silence has no consequences. Lies of commission (telling a lie) and lies of omission (withholding the truth) are both acts of intention deception. Both reap the same consequences. What liars by omission do not understand is that one cannot escape the laws of the universe.

[*] You might be wondering why someone would withhold the truth from children and teens after someone dies.

[*] He was not trying to attract followers by withholding the truth from them and making discipleship seem easier than it actually would be; rather, he respected his listeners enough to lay out for them the full demands of following him, and to give them the opportunity to grow, to stretch, to be transformed as they accepted those demands. And that’s why “loving” means not withholding the truth.[/i]
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Also be economical with the truth.

"avoiding stating the true facts about a situation, or lying about it."
(source: Cambridge Dict.)