Como dizer "Ou dá ou desce" em inglês

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Take it or leave it
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My suggestion;

Hump or jump!

Capt Gottlieb
A melhor forma de dizer "Ou dá ou desce!" nos USA é "My way or the highway!"
Frank Florida 5
uma expressão vulgar mas comum na gíria:

"sh*t or get off the pot."
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You guys have already found ways to the "ou dá ou desce", among them the "my or the highway" reminds the Brazilian counterpart's imagery.

There's a similar saying we say in Brazil, with that "...ou nada feito" approach. Sentences with: "xxxxx, or no go/"xxxx", or no deal/or not at all."

"xxxxx" being a sentence, representing the "yes" (the "go") decision and the "or no go" speaks for itself. That is, the "no" part of the sentence. A "or else", sort of.
Zumstein 1 28 398

Ou dá ou desce – f*ck or drown.

From the joke “Up or Down”.