Como dizer ''pagamento via boleto bancário'' em inglês

Vocês aceitam pagamento via boleto bancário?

E porque eu estou fazendo uma compra pela internet no eBay e não manjo muito de inglês e preciso muito da ajuda de vocês

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You should read: Como dizer "boleto bancário" em inglês

Payment slip
=~ similar to "boleto bancário" method.
I worked as a treasurer in Brazilian Air Force for 10 years.
As a graduated in School of Law (college) I learnt it in Finance Law discipline this kind of payment called in Brazil for "Pagamento via Boleto Bancário" it must be translated to English as " [Prepaid In-Cash Bank Slip (PPICBS].
PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
A cash bank slip, that I know of, is a 'ficha de depósito bancário" or also "comprovante de depósito bancário".

Sometimes the Spanish language "might throw a (language) curve", this could be one, since "boleto" in Spanish sometimes can be a 'talon'.
That's why they translate, for instance, airplane ticket as "boleto de avion" and "deposit slip" as talón, recibo, boleto, hoja de depósito", etc.

I think a "bank billing barcode money order." would be an apt description, in English-speaking countries seems like there isn't an equivalent. They also thought about money order in the following discussion...
Ref. english.stackexchange

Ref. hfsfcu

With "money orders" you don't need to have holder of a bank account.

Back to the question, on the Ebay Forum I see that they favor the follwoing means of payment:
PayPal Credit
Credit card or debit card
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Payment upon pickup

The order having to be paid in four days, or it might be cancelled...
Cashier checks can be one option, listed on "others", but then it's a deal made to pay 'outside' of the normal process.
Thus, this mean of payment would be doable if you lives in the United States and the seller too, preferably in the same city or state.