Como dizer "Pendurar uma melancia no pescoço" em inglês

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Em Inglês.
"Phrase said to scold a person for showing off, remarking that this person will draw more attention if he or she lets a watermelon be hung in their neck".

Quando queremos aparecer (fazer panca, botar banca = show off) aconselham-nos a pendurar uma melancia no pescoço.

E aos ingleses?

Nesta aula, o professor Adir Ferreira, autor do livro "A Chave do Aprendizado da Língua Inglesa", nos conta como se tornou um Expert em pronúncia e dá várias dicas para você se comunicar melhor em inglês. ACESSAR AULA
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to wear a banana suit

As for speaking Japanese and people answering in English or changing ....well, that hardly ever happens, and when it does it's just funny. But here's the thing. Most people speak to me assuming I speak Japanese. And don't bat an eyelid. But, in my first few years, people spoke back to me in English and it annoyed me because I thought I was good at Japanese.

but.....I wasn't as good as I thought I was lol So, maybe sometimes when you have been here for just a little while, the words you use are either wrong, unnatural, or your accent is all over the place that you may as well be wearing a banana suit.