Como dizer "Pessoa descolada" em inglês

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Hello everyone!

Existe alguma palavra que se possa usar para uma "pessoa descolada" no sentido de nao ser muito louca nem muito formal.

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Sugiro usar "cool".

She is cool. [Ela é uma pessoa descolada.]

Bons estudos.
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Tks Donay!!
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Hi there!

outgoing = friendly and sociable; at ease in talking to others

sociable, open, social, warm, friendly, accessible, expansive, cordial, genial, affable, extrovert, approachable, gregarious, communicative, convivial, demonstrative, unreserved, companionable She is very friendly and outgoing.

outgoing person

Take care

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Hi guys

You could also use "laid back"
Joe was pretty laid back.

Americans use "easy going" person.... ;)
Avatar do usuário JacksonB 95 2
I particularly use easygoing, as Luciana aforementioned.

I also know "mellow", but this one must be used with some care. Someone who is mellow, sometimes may sound a little aloof about important things.

Outgoing person.
I'd say "hip" or "cool".
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42975 6 33 757
There are many ways to express that, more so when we dig deeper into the social levels, backgrounds, where one lives, if we want a retro word, etc.

One way that is almost all-encompassing is "cool", it was always a very sought-after thing with teens to be popular, noticed and worth to be emulated. This is what cool means in "Everybody Hates Being Cool" (Todo mundo odeia ser descolado), episode 19 season 3 of said sitcom. ... l-anymore/

Branching the word out, we could then say that it means to be "hipster" (a bit outdated word, but still used) that in turn could be a number of things: one that is in the know, one that knows what´s going on, etc.

Hipster means young person who is trendy, stylish, or progressive in an unconventional way; someone who is hip.

There are other ways mean it: one that is a smart cookie/sharp/clever/in the know/on the ball/sharp cookie/to be the man. All said in a context meant to be cumplimentary/flattering.

Also stylish, trendy, fashionable, jazzy, ritzy, generally used by people into fashion, or when appreciating the clothes others are using.

Savvy is one word sometimes used to mean the person is "descolada" (in the know) on some subject, an insider or well-informed person (or even seasoned), etc. As in "he is a savvy investor/he is a savvy business person/He is a savvy problem-solver and an expert in master planning."

And there are other words and ways to express it. That is just my two cents.