Como dizer "Prancha/Ponte de (des)embarque" em inglês

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Gangway, gangplank, gangboard

Two men have been taken to hospital after a gangway leading to a tourist attraction collapsed, police said. The Guardian

(...) with all the discipline of sailors given 24 hours’ shore leave racing down the gangplank to the tune of “New York, New York, it’s a helluva town”. The Guardian

In British English
(ˈɡæŋˌplæŋk), gangway or gangboard (ˈɡæŋˌbɔːd)
A portable bridge for boarding and leaving a vessel at dockside.
Ref. collinsdictionary

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PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
Terminal fingers, extensions of terminal buiilding.
Usual in airports, a.k.a. Pier finger terminals, to maximize the number of aircraft parking space.
We can thing of the "finger design" the hall (within), the outside being the parking place to passengers, crew etc board the plane and inside being the final part of the concourse (saguão).
In a text we would mention "terminal finger(s)", then when we write on we can just use "fiinger(s) from that point on, to avoid ambiguity. Of course, in some writing in a aviation magazine we can skip that rule, because of the metatext (the information is that it's an aviation magazine, so would not lead to ambiguity).

Excuse me guys, for going from nautical to aviation, but there is a connection, the word "pier" and its concept/design! :-)