Como dizer "pular etapas" em inglês

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Para mim, o melhor equivalente a "pular etapas" é mesmo "skip stages".

"You can't skip stages when it comes to improving your health."
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I didn't find any Google result as an example to illustrate how to use jump steps in a phrase. Thanks, anyway, my friend.


Shortcut fits well, but on the context of the text as a whole the abstract idea of "steps" or "stages" fits even better. Thanks a lot.


Thanks a lot, Flavia. Even though there's no leeway isn't a translation to "pular etapas", it fits well to translate "não há espaço para", "não há flexibilidade para/em" which will enrich the Dude Spell's Unabridged Portuguese-English Dictionary For Dummies - 2nd edition.

The chain's other staple is its burgers, which are served up with a choice of 17 toppings (free, except for bacon and cheese) but there's no leeway when it comes to cooking time.

Musicians can differ about how to play something, but there's no leeway when it comes to playing rhythmically.

My rules are very simple and there's no leeway when broken.


Every example I found on Google is on a specific context indicating a process that has stages, and not a general or abstract meaning. That's why I choose skip steps looking on the text as a whole. As always, thanks for your time and knowledge.
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Hi folks,

Como traduziriam as frases abaixo, por gentileza?

- Essa é uma nova etapa em sua vida, que será marcada por muitas mudanças significativas.
- Sem dúvidas é uma nova etapa em sua carreira, mas ele tem todas as condições de vencer os novos desafios.
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TheBigSpire escreveu:[...]


"He's turning a new leaf and that will bring about significant changes in his life."
"He's no doubt turning a new leaf in his career. He indeed qualifies/has all the requirements to meet new challenges."

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