Como dizer que uma pessoa é grande como um armário?

Como dizer quando um cara é alto e fortão, igual um armário?
Tipo esses body-builders, mas sem dizer body-builder rsrs?

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This guy is a bulldozer! (forte, imponente, grande pra cassete)
Simon Vasconcelos 11 225
Hulk (of a man), bull, big guy

This hulk of a man/bull develops feelings of tenderness towards a frail waitress, and it both lifts him above the herd and brings him closer to them. The Guardian

Dudi's a capering little elf of a tennis player. Novak is a hulk. He hits a heavy ball all right. The Guardian

To stretch stories out to the length of a series – or indeed a novel – you need to string the big guy along because as soon as he has a target he attacks it head-on (which, to be honest, is part of the thrill). The Guardian
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It's commonplace to mention people of massive build of "burly" (carrying a connotation of corpulence/coarseness, or of grossness and suggests the possession of brute force.)

Ref. writingtips

Mentioning in general (and in a neutral way) couldl be someone with a "bouncer physique" (and sometimes with a don't mess with me vibe...) :-)

Sometimes people say "big guy", meaning in a more positive way, but it can backfire too, some guys don't like it much. Dunno know how they would like to be called, but with English 'da streets" big guy works.

Wardrobe showed up at the Urban Dictionary, but then could be someone from the Brazilian community that contributed,

Other options would be "buff/hulk/bulky/a hunk" etc.

I think certainly there are others expressions equivalent to "armário" (in Brazil) that could be slangy, it's just that I have trouble finding one right now. Slang can be elusive, particular to some area, groups, etc. And "armário" has a sort of wider use in Brazil, albeit being colloquial language.

Bulldozer - usual with sport lingo and then trickled into other areas, has a ring of someone with a massive physique or a 'steamroller' personality.