Como dizer "queimar-se (no sol)" em inglês

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How can I say "queimar-se no sol / ter uma queimadura solar" in English?
Fui à praia e me queimei.

Fiquei muito tempo no sol e tive uma queimadura solar.

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Sunburn = queimadura solar
Sunscreen = protetor solar
Sunstroke = insolação

I went to the beach and I've got a sunburn.
(Eu fui a praia e tive queimadura solar).

Eu conheço dessa forma. Se estiver incorreto, por favor alguém me corrija.
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Tanto como substantivo "SUNBURN" => queimadura de sol
Quanto o verbo "be/get SUNBURN" => queimar-se ao sol


Reddening, inflammation, and, in severe cases, blistering and peeling of the skin caused by overexposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
"My hands and face were raw with sunburn."
"The sunburns on them stopped halfway up their foreheads."

verb sunburned, sunburnt, sunburning, sunburns
"The weather at Easter on the coast, despite forecasts of rain, was hot and sunny, and I managed to get seriously sunburned whilst snorkelling, despite applying huge amounts of sun tan lotion."
"When we go there we know we will build sandcastles and get sunburnt and that the cafe menu never changes."
"I was beginning to feel that the back of my legs were sunburned."
"Malignant melanoma is twice as common in women and those who were sunburned as children are most likely to develop the more serious strain of the disease, as are people who don't tan."

From Oxford Learner's Dictionary