Como dizer “Quem faz aniversário somos nós” em inglês

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Frase promocional de uma loja:
"Quem faz aniversário somos nós, mas quem ganha presentes são vocês."

Como fica em inglês?
Aniversário: Should I use anniversary or birthday?
Presente: Should I use present or gift?

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You could say, among other things...

It´s our anniversary but we are giving you gifts.

And, no. Not at all, if you are talking about a store, retails networks et cetera.

But, perhaps if you were talking about a people birthday. Then, you could say it.
Just in that case.

To illustrate the point:
The guy is father of nine, struggling to make ends meet, after a tiresome day of work. comes home.
Today is the birthday of one of his daughters, that teenager and there is this cake and refreshments on the table, then she goes "daddy, it´s my birthday but you are the one that got the gift OR but I am the one that is giving you a gift, you are about to know that you got a grandchild! Then, she goes "just kidiiing! "
It's our anniversary, but you get the presents/gifts

Como se trata do aniversário de um estabelecimento comercial, a palavra indicada é "anniversary". O mesmo raciocínio aplica-se para eventos, acontecimentos.