Como dizer "Quem sim, quem não, quem nunca" em inglês

Como dizer "Quem sim, quem não, quem nunca" em inglês?

Não encontrei tradução dessa expressão.

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It would depend on which context is used, and others could give better answers to you than mine. Or they might improve this one.
This is my stab at it, anyway:
Quem nunca pagou um mico?
Everyone makes a fool of himself from time to time/...sooner or later/ least once in his life/ some point or another.

Someone plays a video on his cellphone, a guy slipping in a banana peel, or riding a bike and he crash because of a tyre that got stuck in the crack of the road.

I can relate to that.
I've crossed that bridge. Etc.
I've been there...
We all have done this once.

Workaround ways, using rhetorical questions (the first is an indirect one, though):
If you were to be asked have you ever got lost while trying to find your car in the parking lot, you'd probably say yes.

Have you ever sat through an important meeting where a Know-it-All boss, colleague or friend or relative or relative or whoever monopolized the entire conversation?
(from the book "How do I relate with a “know-it-all”? By Joe Ike.)

The examples of rhetorical questions I have done aren't terser ones, and I dare to say that "quem nunca" is a tricky concept to translate into English-speaking expressions (I mean, in a concise way like the Brazilian way). At least to me. ;-)