Como dizer "Rio terá toque de recolher e restrições a bares" em inglês

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Como dizer "Rio terá toque de recolher e restrições a bares contra avanço da covid-19" em inglês?
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More so: Rio eased/relaxed restrictions in December (that, assuming people, in general, had not flouted them from start), and doing so brought about a sense of security for many (many) people. And then, much of the population forgot about social distancing...

Now Rio imposes a curfew from 8 PM to 6 AM. The mayor decreed previously 5 PM to 6 AM, but the court (acting on the 'crying' from owners of bars, etc), changed that. The mayor will appeal.

Fact is, COVID-19 roared back with a vengeance and while scientists' advice isn't heeded certainly health workers are being assigned insane workloads.
The virus will be with us for, hmm, quite a while if we go on with the policy of 'switching on and off the key' of restrictions measures to tackle it. The curve is flattened a bit, OFF, the curve spikes, ON...

By the way, I didn't know the virus had a night shift, in the daylight, it (like Count Dracula) vanish in thin air!

My upvote goes to RedSeahorse, the sentence is spotless, I couldn't have put it better myself. ;-)
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"Rio will impose a curfew and restrictions for bars, as Covid 19 cases are on the rise"
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