Como dizer "Rodar a baiana" em inglês

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1. Rodar a baiana: perder a calma, ficar com muita raiva: Fly into a rage

  • She flew into rage when her boyfriend said hello to his ex-girlfriend. [Ela rodou a baiana quando o namorado cumprimentou a ex-namorada dele.]
  • I heard she flew into a rage there. [Eu ouvi falar que ela rodou a baiana lá.]

2. Rodar a baiana: chamar a atenção severamente: Give someone what for

  • She gave him what for. [Ela rodou a baiana com ele.]
  • I'll give him what for. [Vou rodar a baiana com ele.]

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to go postal (on)
The boss went postal today. Completely crazy, yelling and throwing things.
If you don't shut your trap/mouth, I am going to go postal on you!
(I love this! In the USA, postal workers have a reputation of going crazy and becoming weapons of mass destruction.)

to go medieval (on)
Don't go medieval on me, woman! I hardly know her.

(I first heard this in the film "Pulp Fiction".)

to go bananas, ape, bonkers, crackers, off
I hate this job! One more stupid customer today and I am going to go bonkers!

She went off on me. I still don't know why she was so angry.

to blow someone's stack
Don't blow your stack! It's not my fault.
(stack = the chimneys or "funnels" on a ship. When a steamboat blows its stack, the boat often sinks.)

to kittens, to have a kitten
Don't have kittens! I didn't do a good job but I'll do it over again.

to go on the warpath
His girlfriend went on the warpath when she did not get flowers on Valentine's Day.
("Warpath" = used to mean a tribe is at war)

to raise cane. A ruckus
The boss raised cane when I arrived late at the office.
Fred is always making a ruckus about something.
(Can also mean "to complain" and "to make noise")

to lose one's cool
When he did not pay me the money, I lost my cool.
(one's cool = one's relaxed, pleasant demeanor)
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Também conheço raise a stink = quebrar barraco

Exemplo: Do you know that "singer" from Rio, Tati Raise Stink?
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Rodar a baiana: go bananas

Definition: To be irrational and wild; to lose control.

Exemplo: I knew Joe would go bananas when he found out he's not getting a raise this year.

Ref. englishdaily626
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On the same line as pondedaniel, how about:

to throw a wobbler
to go loopy

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por Donay Mendonça » 05 Nov 2010, 16:11

1. Rodar a baiana: perder a calma, ficar com muita raiva: Fly into a rage

- To get (or fly / plunge / throw) into a temper (tantrum)

    - What makes you feel stressed? .... In school I'm at a time where I'm expected to have a lot of responsibilities so I have to work a lot harder, which makes me really tired and then I might get into a temper with my friends.

    - A balky* new fountain pen (uma caneta-tinteiro nova falhando) could quickly plunge him into a temper tantrum.

    - Every kid throws temper tantrums and behaves impulsively once in a while.
* Balky or baulky - inclined to stop abruptly and unexpectedly ⇒ "a balky horse".
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Hie everyone!

Is an option " riding dirty " ?

I saw it on a Tv serie the following sentence:

" Lil' Pound Cake enjoys riding dirty. "
- Lil Pound Cake gosta de rodar a baiana -

Best wishes...
Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 57035 22 96 1361
Não "riding dirty" não equivale a "rodar a baiana", no contexto do post original. O Urbandictionary diz:
Ride dirty:
To roll in your car with drugs, guns, or other sh*t you don't want the cops to find.
Make a scene

He`s making a scene at the supermarket.

A video that shows it.
"To let all hell break loose"/ or just "break loose"